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American Incentive Advisors

We are trusted by hundreds of founders, companies, CPAs, and partners across the country due to our industry expertise and specialized focus. We evaluate the opportunity for each client, provide a personalized plan to maximize the R&D credit, and generate the necessary documentation to ensure monetization and IRS compliance.

Our value proposition

AIA specializes in growing your business

Our mission is to get money back into growing companies so they can innovate and hire. We remove all barriers by tailoring our solution specifically for you.

We work with your CPA and payroll company

American Incentive Advisors will work alongside your CPA or financial advisory firm and payroll processing company to be better equipped to learn their unique processes and procedures in submitting documents and paperwork while we tracking your benefits along the way.

Revolutionary technology platform

Our proprietary application guides you step by step as you enter the necessary information at a pace you’re comfortable with. It will even provide assistance and examples as you proceed through the process.

Trustworthy and professional team of experts

Our world-class team of experts has the knowledge and experience when it comes to taxes, accounting, R&D studies, startups, and technology. American Incentive Advisors has helped thousands of companies in claiming millions of dollars in tax credits.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a free consultation today with our knowledgeable and experienced team of experts to learn more about how American Incentive Advisors can help your business. We’ll provide information regarding the R&D tax credit and answer any questions you might have to determine if our solution is a fit for your company’s needs.

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